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Artiste plasticienne
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A love of Fabric …… 

Victoria is an English artist. Her work combines a range of traditional craft techniques (sewing, weaving, knitting and printing) with a contemporary approach that gives unique and modern results.


Using a conceptual dialogue, she visualizes her ideas with simple images. She finds inspiration everywhere. Each piece is unique and Victoria has a feeling of great satisfaction not only in creating the work, but also in finding new and exciting methods of display.

Victoria Danville

Where it all started.....

Victoria studied Textiles at the renowned 'Goldsmiths College' in London, where she graduated in 1995. She then completed her studies with an MA in Curatorial Studies and Gallery Education. She then worked as a gallery director and creative director while continuing to create unique and stimulating works of art.


Since arriving in France in 2009, Victoria has opened her own studio and now works full time as an artist, developing her ideas whilst refining and evolving her skills and techniques.


Working with a variety of fabrics, including found materials, such as vintage clothing as well as paper, metal, paint, wood and natural dyes; Victoria creates wall murals and 2D & 3D sculptures, which are then embellished with hand and machine embroidery. She exhibits widely across France and Europe.

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